Chestnut Flour Pancakes


Happy New Year! May your 2017 is a sweet one!

I was very curious about the chestnut flour when I found it in a quite corner of my local grocery shop. I love roasted chestnuts. I wonder what is its flour taste like. What can I do with it? After an extensive research, it seems making pancakes is my best option. It can’t go wrong. It is going to be marvellous. I served them with maple syrup, fresh figs and berries. Perfect!


chestnut flour (1 cup), baking powder (1 and 1/2 teaspoons), caster sugar (1/4 cup), 2 eggs, milk (1 cup), maple syrup, figs, black berries, blue berries.


What to do:

  1. Mix the flour, baking powder and sugar in a mixing bowl, add eggs and milk, whisk until smooth.
  2. In a large none stick frying pan, add pancake mixture to form about 3 inch circle. Cook each pancake under low heat until it starts to bubble on the top and looks set, then flip it over and cook the other side for about 20 second, or until cooked through. Repeat the process until all of the pancake mixture has been used up.
  3. Serve with maple syrup, figs, black berries and blue berries.

Figs with toasted almonds

figs 2

figs 1

Figs are still in season. Can you believe it? Every time I see some figs at the market, I have to buy them. This time I paired them with some toasted almonds, which gave a crunchy texture. Plus lime and honey dressing, it tasted great.


figs (4), almonds (6), honey (1 tablespoon), lime (half)

What to do:

  1. Cut figs into quarter.
  2. To make a dressing, mix juice of half lime and honey. Drizzle them on to figs.
  3. Garnish with crushed toasted almonds.

Fruit Salad

fruit salad

Figs are still in season along with peaches, mango, grapes, lime…


figs, yellow peach, watermelon, kiwi fruit, juice of half lime, honey (1 teaspoon)

What to do :

  1. Cut figs into quarters, slice kiwi fruit, yellow peach and watermelon and toss them together.
  2. In a small, mix juice of half lime and honey together.
  3. Pour the dressing all over the salad.