I have always wanted to have a food blog. But I was waiting for myself to be ready. I will start my blog once we bought our first house. So I will have a bigger kitchen and more bench space. Sometimes, life does not always turn out to be exactly as I planed. I can’t buy a house just yet, because I am searching for a better job. Then, all my other plans will have to wait, my food blog, my wedding, my everything. For a moment I was helplessly waiting, feeling frustrated. Then I realised that I am always doing it to myself. I would have time to have a hobby once I finished my PhD. I haven’t really got any hobby since I got my PhD. Now I am saying to myself I will start enjoy life, start a food blog, have my wedding… once I have my first house. I got to walk out of it. There are so many uncertainties in life that I can’t control. But do I really have to wait? I am sure those bigger goals like a house and a better job, will eventually happen. At the meantime, I really should start living and stop worry. Hence, I started my food blog in my tiny kitchen. I have booked a chapel for my wedding in April. Start living from now on…



Email: feihua.cao@gmail.com

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  1. Ohh the “This will happen when this happens,” pep talking. One I’m so familiar with but wish I wasn’t. Congrats on starting the food blog now and not waiting for the “when – then,” 🙂

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  2. Hi Lucy, I’m glad I found your blog through Fiesta Friday. Congratulations on making the decision to move forward with your blog. I am kind of the same way, wanting to have everything in order first. I look forward to seeing your recipes. Best wishes to you in your blogging!

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    • Hello Lucy. Im sure you’ve received rewards before, but I would just like to remind you that if you choose to accept the award I nominated you for please follow the rules of the award and 1) thank your nominator, 2) write 7 things about yourself and 3) nominate 15 other blogs you follow or enjoy. Just thought I’d let you know as it has been some time since you were nominated and have yet to do these things. Thanx. x

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