Soupy Weekend

chicken and mushroom soup

Autumn is here, so soon! A bowl of warm soup is just what I needed to warm up in a chilly evening. I made this classical Chinese chicken and mushroom soup. It is super easy to make. You can basically throw in chicken with any of type mushroom in a pot and let it simmer for about a hour. Dried mushrooms generally give more intense flavour. Knowing me, how can I use only one type of mushroom. I had mushrooms of all types, dried, fresh, long and short until my pot was overflowing. Flavour wise, there is no need for complicated spices. All you need is a massive piece of ginger, salt and pepper. Then just sit back and relax. You know it is ready when the house is filled with beautiful aroma.


chicken pieces with bones (0.5 kg), oyster mushroom, dried tee tree mushroom, shiitake mushroom, pearl mushroom, enoki mushroom, button mushroom, water, fresh ginger (200 g), white pepper and salt.

What to do:

  • Place chicken pieces and cold water (enough to cover the meat) in a pot, and bring to boil. Let it boil for 2 minutes, then transfer the meat into a clay pot, tip the water into the sink.
  • Top up the clay pot with some fresh boiling water (enough to cover the meat).
  • Add mushrooms, fresh ginger.
  • Season with white pepper and salt to taste.
  • Turn the heat down to low, let it simmer for a hour.
  • Serve with rice or noodles.


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